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Ottawa Wedding Photographer's Checklist

Wedding Photographer’s Checklist

Wedding Photographer's Checklist - Couples are always planning there wedding day from start to finish. Some brides and grooms may come up with a full detailed wedding checklist, while other laid back couples may just hire a wedding planner who can help organizes and setup everything for them. Same thing goes for a wedding photographer. Whether the photographer is either an amateur or a professional wedding photographer, on the day day we all know things can get a little bit hectic and we do...
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Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows

Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows - How do I do it? Have you ever wondered how wedding photographers create and make there wedding slideshows.  You may think that it's as easy and placing the photos into a programs and letting the video manager to run.  Well yes you can do all that, but what's the point?  Being a photographer, most of the time you work for you really want to represent your company with something that looks easy to do?  Being a photographer requires...
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Cowboy Wedding Theme at Agricultural Hall

Cowboy Wedding Theme at Agricultural Hall  - Almonte - This summer we attended another wedding event shooting at Almonte Fairground! Yes Almonte fairground, where all the fairs are held. The ceremony was held outside at The Agricultural Hall, the main doorway to the hall. The bridesmaids wore a pretty green dress and the best men's wore a nice beige vest, beige pants and white color shirts. Everyone wore cowboy boots. The wedding dress had cowboy boots! ...
Wedding Le Bevedre wakefiield

Wakefield Wedding at Le Belvedere

Wakefield Wedding at Le Belvedere - On Sept 5, we attended Kimberly and Patrick's wedding at Le Belvedere. It was our first time shooting a wedding at this location, and we are so glad we had the opportunity too! Le Belvedere offers such an awesome view of Gatineau, the beautiful gazebo and the surrounds was just fantastic.  The perfect place to finish and start the wedding day!   ...
Good, Bad Ottawa Photographers


THE GOOD, BAD AND UGLY OF BEING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Being a professional wedding photographer has both its draws back and rewards. Now a days any one thing anyone who holds a camera or own a DSLR either being the popular brands like Nikon or Canon does not mean they are a photographer. It just means that they have a nice camera. :) WE MAKE BIG BUCK... not true! Everyone may think that being a wedding photographer is a super easy career choice, and brings in alot of money. The truth is alot...
Cheap Wedding Photographer in Ottawa

Cheap & Professional Wedding Photographers

The reason why I started writing this article is the amount of photographers who been talking negatively towards the newbies, the amateur photographer. The thing they keep forgetting is they once use to be an amateur photographer once. Give them a break, it just means that there is more competition now.   I'm a very competitive person by nature, it just makes me work hard, and play hard. The amount of new photographer out there looking to get a career in photography or the hobbyist ones...