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The reason why I started writing this article is the amount of photographers who been talking negatively towards the newbies, the amateur photographer. The thing they keep forgetting is they once use to be an amateur photographer once. Give them a break, it just means that there is more competition now.   I’m a very competitive person by nature, it just makes me work hard, and play hard. The amount of new photographer out there looking to get a career in photography or the hobbyist ones looking to make extra amount of money. I’m not saying there photos are lousy by any means, or that they have no artistic ability to create wonderful wedding pictures.  What I am trying to say is that you want a photographer who has years of experience who knows, loves and who is dedicated there time to learning and shoot wedding photos properly. What is properly? Is there really a rule of how to shoot the perfect wedding? of course not! It’s all a matter of opinion.

One reason why many couples decided to go with a cheaper ( amateur) photographer is Budget. Yes, budget is a big fact and while it is, would you rather pay for a cheap photographer who may or may not produce the quality that you are looking for? Russian roulette I might say? You do it because you feel like you might or might not get what you want. You take a chance. But do you want to take a chance on your number one important day in your life time?

When I think of wedding photography I think of nice elegant, high quality work. You need to be committed to photographing and need to understand that everyone can has there opinion towards their concept to what makes a beautiful wedding photograph!

I known many professional photographer and amateur as well, I’m not here to bash anyone. Dirty talking is something I do not like to do. I’ve seem many professional photographer who claim to be professional, who have years of experience and yet there work to me are not up to my standard. I seem many more armatures who either should quit photography in general OR those who strike me as amazing photographers. You can’t really judge someone by what they call themselves, but you can judge them based on what you see, there portfolio, there wedding portfolio, there painting picture through the lens and camera body that they hold. Are they wiling to work with you to accommodate what your wedding needs are, or are they filled with high confidence with very conceited personalities?

It’s all about your judgement your first impressions, your needs.

There could be many reasons why photographer charge what they charge. Many reason would be based on years of experience, do they outsourcing there service, product purchase, photography equipment’s, service charge, travel fees, and of course the number one reason TIME. Have you heard time is money? How much do you value your time?

Why are professional photographer expensive?

Shooting a full day wedding consist of hundreds of raw photos taken at your wedding. Photographing from getting ready, to the weddings ceremony, wedding reception, first dance, everything that goes on during the wedding day is captured. Photographer later arrive at their work home studio while being on there feet for hours and carrying heavy expensive equipment, then start there post processing. I don’t know how other professional edit there work, but we go through each individual photo one by one and discard the negatives bad photos and and add some of our artistic flare, removing some blemish, red eye, and other kind of edits that photographers like to do to make there photos pretty. A full day wedding takes 10-12 hours at locations plus usually an additional 40+ hours and home going through all the photos, putting the your wedding package together whether you have a slides show, prints, photo book ( wedding album ) … Everything takes time and everything is looked at carefully paying attention to the details and traveling to locations to give you the wedding package that you want your wedding to be. So when you think about it that way, being a wedding photographer requires so much time, patience, equipment, education, skills and experience to make your wedding day perfect for you to remember from years to come.

Average photographer in Ottawa make only $15,000 – $35,000 a year! That is not much at all! But you heard the term it doesn’t matter how much you make as long as you love your job? I can say that is the reason why I love shooting wedding photographs, I do it because I have the passion for it. Every time I photograph wedding, each and everyone one of them I always learn something new. Your brain starts to grow with creativity and you start to gain a style to your wedding photos that you photograph.

Now do you really thing photographer are expensive? The average population in Ontario spends roughly around $23,000 – $32,000 excluding the honeymoon on their wedding budget.

Photographer are artist, not everyone will like there work there style and some may love it. It’s all based on your option! You may like oil painting while your friend likes watercolor. Photographer are artist, not all wedding photographer are alike.

If you looking for a wedding photographer based on your budget, one tip would be… Don’t hesitate to ask anything, well related to there wedding services of course. Maybe if you guys click, you might actually become friends after the wedding! What a great world that can be. 🙂