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Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows

Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows

Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows – How do I do it?

Have you ever wondered how wedding photographers create and make there wedding slideshows.  You may think that it’s as easy and placing the photos into a programs and letting the video manager to run.  Well yes you can do all that, but what’s the point?  Being a photographer, most of the time you work for yourself…do you really want to represent your company with something that looks easy to do?  Being a photographer requires creativity, uniqueness, and most of all a skill set!

I have been comparing some wedding slideshows which I have seen on YouTube or else where… they seem to be all the same, just photos of the images, and slides here and slides there.  Do you give a painter just any brush to paint? Or course not, painters know which kind of paint brush they need to get the type of effect that they want.  Other photographers may have a different method, but that’s fine.  I’m not just any average photographer.  I care about how my wedding packages are present, I care about everything that I put into my style of photography.

When creating a slideshow, I usually choose about 150 photos ( that is NOT how many photos will be display in the slide, just an overall idea) , that might be displayed either as the main images or as the background images for some of the slides.  I then placed the photos on the order of the wedding day.  I would decided on which images will fit where and with what packages, then I would place them into different sections such as; Getting ready before the wedding ( Bride and Groom ), the travel process, the wedding dress, the moment, the walking down the aisle, the first kiss, the signing of the marriage licence, the family portraits, wedding portraits of bride and groom, reception and so forth.

The wedding slideshow are usually around 3-5 minutes depending on the music.  I always look for music before adding the wedding photos into the slide.  The music is what my work around is… If the music is about 3 minutes I then know roughly I will only be able to use a certain amount of wedding photographs for the wedding slideshow.  Looking for the music that fits into he wedding theme, and the bride and grooms personality is hard.  Not hard because there is so many, but hard because you need to make sure that you have permission to use the music for your slideshow.  There is so many great awesome music out there but they are mostly licence.  Meaning we can not use them, or will have to pay alot of money to have them licence for the wedding slideshow.  When creating slideshow music I mainly like to get instrument music, preferably piano.  Nice and soothing, yet can still provider that mood for you to feel when viewing the slideshow.

Programs: I use Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom for photo editing, and gathering images all together. Images below are all gathered in many different layers, where I have the option to place the layers of photos wherever I think fits, as well as rasterize them, and arrange the angles and layouts.

Ottawa wedding slideshows

Although the slideshow does not require 300dpi, I still make the slideshow in 300dpi for 1080p to view on your High Def TV or devices.  Everyone know that better quality always required better service. I offer many post-production services, as well as Engagement photography sessions, family portraits, and any other type of photographs can be made into a slideshow.

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