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Wedding Photographer’s Checklist

Wedding Photographer’s Checklist

Wedding Photographer’s Checklist – Couples are always planning there wedding day from start to finish. Some brides and grooms may come up with a full detailed wedding checklist, while other laid back couples may just hire a wedding planner who can help organizes and setup everything for them. Same thing goes for a wedding photographer.

Whether the photographer is either an amateur or a professional wedding photographer, on the day day we all know things can get a little bit hectic and we do not want to forget anything – such as taking photographs of someone very important in your life. Whoever you decided to be your Ottawa wedding photographer, they all show have the same intentions. Capturing your moment!

A wedding photographer should all have there own checklist that they follow, having a checklist is like a set of recipes that help the photographer gather all the ingredients needed to make there photographs taste and look good.

Timing is something that is very important to me, everything I do in a life I always manage my time, things work in a schedule for me. Before the wedding begins I will always email the bride and groom about any new updates, and as well as for there time schedule in that way I will be able to get an idea of how long and what I need to know in order to make the photographs run smoothly.

These are the wedding photo checklist that I constantly have running in my head during the wedding day. This wedding photography checklist does not mean everything has to be photographed but it gives me an idea of what and who I should pay attention to.

Checklist of Bride Before the Ceremony ( Wedding Getting Ready)

  • Bride applying makeup, hair etc
  • Bride getting dress on
  • Bridesmaid getting ready
  • Bridal Dress / Wedding Dress
  • Bouquet Flowers
  • Wedding Rings
  • Bride with mother and family members
  • Bride facial expressions
  • Full length shot of bride
  • Close of up details

Checklist of Groom before the Ceremony ( Groom Getting Ready)

  • Groom – tie, box, shoes, hair etc
  • Full Length shot of groom
  • Groom and groomsman
  • Groom, best man and all family member sand friends
  • Groomsmen pinning boutonnieres
  • Close up
  • Checklist during wedding ceremony
  • Seating of the immediate family
  • Arrival of bride
  • Walking down the aisle
  • Father giving away the bride
  • Wedding party
  • Exchanging of rings
  • Bride and grooms vows
  • Bride and groom kiss
  • Signing of marriage license
  • Wedding certificate
  • Checklist during wedding after ceremony
  • Walking down the aisle
  • Group shot of wedding party
  • Bridesmaid and groomsmen
  • Candid shots of wedding guest

Checklist of portraits / scenic locations

  • Formal shot
  • Wedding party
  • Family and friends
  • Candid shots

Checklist during wedding before wedding receptions

  • Bride and groom
  • Wedding rings
  • Bride & groom with each parent
  • Bride & groom whit all parents
  • Bride & groom with bridal party
  • Bride & groom with friends and guest

Checklist during wedding receptions

  • Bride and Groom arriving at reception
  • Bridal party at bridal table
  • Bride and groom and guest
  • Wedding decor
  • Table setting
  • Bouquet, floral arrangements
  • Food and desserts
  • Speech
  • Toast
  • Wedding cake
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • First bite of wedding cake
  • Bridal party dance
  • First dance as a married couple
  • Father and daughter dance
  • Candid shots
  • Groom removing bride garter
  • Bride throwing wedding bouquet
  • Everyone at the wedding having fun!

Of course getting all these images depends on how long the bride and groom have you for the wedding day, as well as some other conditions that is applied. Hope you like my list.