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What is a Custom Photography Wedding Package?

How can you benefit from customizing your wedding photography budget, from your Ottawa photographer?

Everyone knows that being able to choose and select what kind of marriage service, is the best way for the bride and groom to decided what they really need and what they can afford. Just like picking out a brand new car.  When picking out a new car you have many options to pick the colour, the  to choose what features you desire.

Want to see custom package pricing for wedding?

By entering what needs you will require for you wedding package, you will be able to see the total price at the bottom of the form.  Custom wedding photography packages form can be found on the “Build It” tab. or by click here.

Want to have full control over your wedding service expenses? 

Having the advantage that your photographer offers custom package services, is a great bonus.  Everything is custom tailored to you needs.  You are in control of what you can afford, and your wedding budget is golden.

Is the photographer available for my wedding date in Ottawa?

When is your wedding date?  There are many cases in which a photographers availability is always the issue in not being able to book the wedding photographer that you desire.  The best thing to do is when you know your wedding date, just the wedding date contact the wedding photographer that you would like to hire.  In this way you can ensure that one of your main wedding priories might or might not be checked box off you wedding to do list.  The wedding details can come later.

Should I hire a second photographer for my wedding?

Many photographers work with an additional photographer especially for the full day wedding events.  If you are planning on just hiring one wedding photographer for you full day wedding, there are some things you need to consider.  Being a wedding photographer is a really demanding  job.  Photographing for several hours, on your feet and carry heavy equipment is daunting.  BUT having a second photographer will help gather photos of different locations, different angles and will provide you with a more broader range of wedding pictures.

Do I need all my wedding pictures on a dvd or cd?

How would you like your digital photos stored.  Many photographers store the wedding photos on a cd or dvd depending on the volume.  While others hand them over to there clients in a USB flash drive.  Some wedding photographer do not give there clients cds at all.  Rather they will need to hire the photographer for the hours, and then purchase the cd of there wedding picture which I find stupid.  But hey, that’s how they want to do there business.

Depending on what you are looking for, we hand the wedding pictures on a dvd.  Having them on a dvd you will be able to place the wedding dvd into your computer to being able to view them as well as bring them over to a photo print store and purchasing additional prints.

Why do I need a online photo gallery of my wedding pictures?

Having an online gallery of your wedding images, is a great way to showcase it to your friends and family.  All the gallery online are password protected.  They can be shared, it’s entirely up to you.  The online gallery is usually one of the first preview of you wedding photos before the whole wedding package is delivered.

Should I purchase a wedding photo book or prints for my from my photographer?

Would you prefer a wedding photo book as your center piece on your coffee table, or even displayed on your book shelf?  Or would you rather pick and choose the prints that you would like and place them in your own photo album you have purchased?  The photo book is a directly printed on book, like the ones you can find at a book store or in a library.  The pages can not be removed ( unless ripped off )

Whats the point of a DVD slideshow? How can I view my wedding slideshow?

A DVD slideshow is just another element that many photographers offer.  The slideshow usually are around 2-4 minutes of different pictures that slides with music of  your wedding day.  View an example of a wedding slide show.

Can I develop my wedding prints somewhere else?

Of course, one you have received the cd of your wedding picture, you are more than welcome to print your photos how ever you like.

Is an engagement photography session necessary?

Engagement session are usually a good way for the photographer and client to “break the ice”  Being able to get to know each is always a good thing, especially if they will be attending your wedding and being around you through out the entire time you have hired the wedding photographer for.

When should I book an engagement session?

Engagement session should be booked 4-6 months before your wedding day.  But there really is no right or wrong time to book your engagement session.  If your ready for it and your photography is available, then engagement session should be a “go

Want to build you wedding photography package now?

Please feel free to contact me at, or give me a call at to discuss about getting your custom package for you wedding.