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Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows

Ottawa Wedding Photography Slideshows - How do I do it? Have you ever wondered how wedding photographers create and make there wedding slideshows.  You may think that it's as easy and placing the photos into a programs and letting the video manager to run.  Well yes you can do all that, but what's the point?  Being a photographer, most of the time you work for you really want to represent your company with something that looks easy to do?  Being a photographer requires...
Ottawa Engagement Photographer

Jessica & Caesar Engagement Session

Jessica & Caesar Engagement Session down at Watson Mills in Manotick, Ontario.  This year has been so cold!  Winter has been wanting to make home in Ottawa, and pushing away our Spring weather.  Luckily we were able to still do some awesome shoots, without out fingers and cheeks freezing.  Everyone was a trooper. ...