Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Photographer FAQ

Ottawa Wedding Photographer FAQ

How do I book my wedding session?

We will need to arrange a get together just to speak on the terms and conditions, and questions that you may have.  To officially book your wedding date, you’ll need to sign contract, along with a retainer. Then you’re in my calendar and that date is done.

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?
It really depends on how soon you want to have everything organized   Some like to book there wedding photography last minute while others like to have everything ready months ahead.

What forms of payment options are there?
We accept Cash, Cheque, EMT, Paypal. ( 2.9% with credit card )

Do we get a discount on our engagement session?
Yes. If you book with a one of my wedding packages, engagement sessions are 1/2 price.

Where do you recommend taking the photos?
I have a list of places that Ii share with my clients who are interested in some areas.

Can we have more then one location for our photos?
Yes, you can shoot as many locations as you want.

Do you travel?
Yes, depending on how far the notice is.

What should we bring? Do couples use their own props?
We can gather an idea of what you like, and what works well. Yes i bring my own props and equipment.

How long will my proofs be online for?
Proof will be online within 3-5 weeks.

Do you require a meal?
No, i am always up and shooting, i prefer not to eat during the shoot. I will though have some juice and snacks to keep me going.

Can we upgrade our package after we book our wedding photographer?
Yes, once book whether or not for 4 hours or 6 hours the day of your wedding, i keep my agenda clear for cases like these.

Do wedding photographers offer separate pricing for really small weddings?
No, my rates are per hour and no per quality.

What kinds of packages do wedding photographers offer?
Please view my wedding package pricing to see what I offer.

What happens with our wedding photographer if we cancel our wedding?
If you cancel your wedding, the photographer is not responsible for returning the deposit.

Can our wedding photographer avoid the red-eye effect in our wedding photographs?

Can we include our dogs in the wedding ceremony and photography?

What happens if our wedding photographer can’t make it to the wedding?
The photographer will always have a back up plan.

There’s a one-hour gap between our wedding ceremony and our reception. Do we have to pay our wedding photographer for that time?

Will our wedding photographer ride with us in the limo?
If you want photos inside the limo, yes.

Does My Dress Have to be Trashed?