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The reason why I started writing this article is the amount of photographers who been talking negatively towards the newbies, the amateur photographer. The thing they keep forgetting is they once use to be an amateur photographer once. Give them a break, it just means that there is more competition now.   I'm a very competitive person by nature, it just makes me work hard, and play hard. The amount of new photographer out there looking to get a career in photography or the hobbyist ones...

Wedding Boutiques & Wedding Rings

I don't really know how it all started.  Why does the bride, or even the bridesmaids (maid of honor) usually carry a bouquet of flowers.  But it really doesn't matter, flowers are just generally what people call is "pretty" a decor item you place at home, on your desk at work, and holding it while walking down the aisle on your wedding day.  Amongst the weddings in Ottawa that I have photographed, not one of the weddings never had a wedding boutique of flowers.  Lets face it, wedding...